The Urbn Timber Process

Our unique process involves locally sourcing logs and collaborating with artisans to create the highest quality woodwork.

Wood Slabs

With various types of trees sourced in Columbus, Ohio, your options are limitless when it comes to our wood slabs.

Live Edges

We sustainably salvage trees and produce one-of-a-kind live edge wood slabs for local artists to turn into handcrafted works of art.

The Urbn Timber Philosophy

The mission of Urbn Timber is to cultivate neighborhood collaboration and leverage strategic local partnerships; to sustainably salvage and recycle urban trees. We want to give back to the community and support local makers, uplifting businesses and inspiring individuals to create value through our city’s sustainable resources. Whether it’s working with locally sourced trees or artists in our backyard, Urbn Timber operates from the community, for the community.

Feature Wood Slabs


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