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From the community, for the community

The mission of Urbn Timber is to cultivate neighborhood collaboration and leverage strategic local partnerships; to sustainably salvage and up-cycle urban trees.  A focus to support local makers, uplift businesses and inspire individuals to create value through our city’s natural resources.  Passionately crafting the highest quality hardwood furniture from Columbus' growing history; Urbn Timber operates from the community, for the community.



The dedicated team of craftsmen at Urbn Timber are professionally educated and trained in their respective fields, to provide the highest quality handmade furniture and peace-of-mind for our clients.

SLAB Surfacing

Urbn Timber uses the latest machinery and  technology to precisely flatten and sand both faces of your live edge wood slabs.  


Need help with your live edge project?  The team of professionals at Urbn Timber will transform your idea to a design, and construct it to final dimensions.    


Visit our showroom to shop finished furniture or select a live edge slab to have our expert craftsmen custom build your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Our in-house metal shop has the ability to design and fabricate steel projects ranging from simple bases to complex, artisan creations.


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Want us to get started on your next live edge masterpiece?
Contact us to set up a free, one-hour in-person consultation or visit our showroom during open hours.


29 Kingston Ave
Columbus, OH 43207

Hours of Operation


Monday - Friday:  10AM - 6PM

Saturday:  10AM - 3PM