The Urbn Timber Process

Live Edge Process Columbus, OH

Live Edge Process Columbus, OHAlthough our live edge wood slabs have a simple, organic look to them, there is a detailed process each piece has to go through before it is ready to be turned into the final product. We want to create the best quality live edge wood  possible, so we take our time with each slab to ensure stabilization, longevity and durability.

Sourcing and Drying

Urbn Timber utilizes strategic relationships with local Columbus, Ohio, arborists who allow our business to locally source tree logs. Each tree that is cut by the arborists has dropped due to sustainable causes, such as storm damage, new construction, potential hazard, disease or death. The logs are then dropped off at the Urbn Timber log yard, where they are sawn into natural edge slabs.

The slabs are then stickered and air-dried for at least six months, depending on size. To complete the drying process, each slab is kiln-dried for two months, resulting in single digit moisture content. Upon completion of drying, the slabs are fresh-cut and ready to be crafted into a new handmade masterpiece.

Crafting and Selling

Urbn Timber collaborates with local artisans, woodworkers and designers to create sustainable, handmade products for the community, using our locally sourced slabs. Our goal is to support local businesses by providing the highest quality handmade products with a local story worthy of sharing. Urbn Timber and our makers are intimately passionate about each project and guide our customers during each step of the process. By controlling the product from saw to shop, Urbn Timber can ensure each product is carefully crafted with our quality standards.


Our mission is to ultimately give back to the community and support local makers, uplifting businesses and inspiring individuals to create value through our city’s sustainable resources. Each relationship we establish aims to develop mutual value and strategically place our partners in positions to benefit the community as a whole. We want to continue to improve the community that has helped Urbn Timber get where we are today.

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