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Urbn Timber utilizes strategic relationships with Columbus, Ohio arborists who allow our business to locally source hardwoods.  Each tree we salvage is felled by arborists due to natural causes, then delivered to our log yard and milled into live edge slabs.  The wood slabs are stacked and air-dry for 12 to 24 months to preserve their vibrant colors and rich character.  Completing the drying process, each live edge slab is kiln-dried for three months resulting in a single digit moisture content to ensure stability and longevity for your furniture.


Urbn Timber collaborates with designers, architects, homeowners and businesses to create sustainable, handmade furniture for both residential and commercial spaces.  Our passion is to support the community by crafting the highest quality handmade products with a local spirit worthy of sharing.  Urbn Timber and our makers are dedicated to each project and guide clients during each step of the process.  By controlling the product from Tree to Table, we can ensure each piece of furniture is carefully crafted with our quality standards.