Urbn Timber Newsletter: 11.18.2017


Shop local this holiday season!
Small Business Saturday
Saturday November 25, 2017

Urbn Timber Shop
49 & 51 Kingston Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43207

We will be featuring our $100 Wall of Columbus salvaged live edge slabs including Ash, Cherry, Ambrosia Maple, Red Oak and Walnut. These slabs will make great sofa tables, coffee tables, shelves and benches custom made to fit your space. They are available as is - in the rough, or can be surfaced, fabricated or finished by us for an additional charge. We will be providing local coffee and donuts to fuel your Small Business Saturday shopping spree. We look forward to seeing everyone after the Black Friday Mayham! Happy Thanksgiving!


Tulip Poplar Tree


When this log first arrived the Urbn Timber Log Yard, we thought it was an Ash Tree. What a pleasant surprise it was unveiling this beauty - a Tulip Poplar Tree.

A Tulip Poplar is closely allied with the Magnolia Tree Family. The leaves are shaped in that of a Tulip Flower, where it gets its name. The Deep Purples/Blue streaks indicate mineral stains - a coloration that does not harm the wood.

Historically, this wood was used for canoes, utensils, berry baskets/boxes, trim and furniture. Currently, it has a variety of uses including construction lumber, moldings, plywood cores, drawers sides, matches, piano & organ actions, paper, wooden-ware, furniture parts and even caskets.

These Tulip Poplar live edge slabs will be available in our shop - just after a quick 2 years of drying.

Powder Coated Metal Bases

You've been asking for color options on our custom welded Metal Bases, so we have provided. Instead of grabbing a rattle can of aerosol, we connected with the professionals - Paul and Willy at Columbus Powder Coat. In addition to our Raw and Clear Coats, we now offer 5 standard colors. Pictured below are our 8 classic metal bases:

From left to right: Clear Powder Coated X, Unfinished Square, Iron Stone Bronze (we call this the Dancing Man), Slate Grey (still awaiting a name), Raw Trapezoid, White Hourglass, Unfinished I base and Flat Black Square with Legs.


O' Christmas Tree:
Demand is up, supply is down.


The National Christmas Tree Association estimates that nearly 25 million trees were sold last year. This year, they expect that number to be lower as shortages deepen from the country's top 2 producers of pre-cut trees, Oregon and North Carolina. When the recession hit about 10 years ago, farmers had an abundance of Christmas Trees from planting too many in the 2000s. This forced farmers to sell short, reduce plantings and left many out of business. Trees take an an average of 7-10 years to cultivate and harvest, depending on variety, thus making supply short now - just as the demand and economy has recovered. Growers expect harvest levels for Christmas Trees to return between 2021-2025.

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