Urbn Timber Newsletter: 09.23.17



Saturday October 21, 2017

Urbn Timber Shop
49 & 51 Kingston Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43207


We are excited to announce our Fall Slaburday Open House!

Our kiln was recently unloaded and the walls are stocked with a great size variety of live edge wood including Ash, Cherry, Elm, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Sycamore, Walnut & various species of dimensional wood. If you're in the market for a large dining or conference table that seats 10-12 people, there are some huge slabs of 12'L Red Oak, 9'L White Oak, and 9.5'L x 48"W Ambrosia Maple (pictured left to right before the Walnut). Urbn Timber T-Shirts & Candles will also be available for purchase. As always, homemade small bites and refreshments will be provided.  

We invite you to come out to the shop, browse our inventory and grab a bite to eat! We're looking forward to seeing you & your friends at the shop on Saturday October 21st.


Salvaged backyard Elm Tree utilized in Dublin, OH
home remodel

Customers Kasia and Mandy from Dublin, OH had an Elm tree (pictured above) cut down from their property due to natural causes. Instead of disposing of the tree, they had a vision to re-purpose this tree to use in their home remodel. Under the Urbn Timber Finish Service, the live edge Elm slabs were turned into a kitchen island (pictured below), outdoor bar tops and 2 shelves for a bathroom vanity. A live edge mantle & outdoor table are also in the works. These tree to table pieces are truly one of kind and share the past, present and future of this home. 


Shawley Walnut Dining Table

We've been working on this MONSTER Walnut Dining Table for a couple of weeks for customer Roger Shawley. This 3'W x 10'L table has a waterfall leg on one end and will be paired with a custom X steel base welded by Josh Willford. In this image, Treg is putting in threaded inserts for the base. Pictured are Tyler and Treg for scale in this birds eye view.


Ambrosia Maple Desk & Coffee Table


This live edge Ambrosia Maple Desk & Coffee Table makes the perfect statement piece for your home or office decor. The Desk dimensions are 21"L x 67"W x 31"H and are paired with classic X steel bases. The Coffee Table dimensions are 22 1/2"L x 44"W x 18"H and are paired with sleek, trapezoid steel bases. All bases are custom made & welded by Josh Willford. 

These slabs were locally sourced from a Maple Tree that was removed in Central Ohio, where they were then sawed, dried and finished at the Urbn Timber Shop. The blueish-gray lines were made by the Ambrosia Beetle excavating tunnels to cultivate their fungi - their sole source of nutrition. The circular swirls in the middle of the table are where branches once grew & swayed in the wind.

The Desk is available for $800.00 and Coffee Table available for $400.00 at the Urbn Timber Shop. Please send us an email or call if you are interested in checking out the Ambrosia Maple pieces.

Urbn Timber