Urbn Timber Newsletter: 03.17.2018


- Happy St. Patrick's Day -


Are you looking to jazz up your epoxy pour? Stop into the shop and check out EcoPoxy's Metallic & Glitter Collections. Adding color to your wood project brings another element of design to the Woodworking process. 

Chop with Chris - Game of Thrones

We recently connected with a Cincinnati local craftsman, Chop with Chris, a famous YouTuber known for educational & entertaining “How To” woodworking videos using only hand tools. With over 1.2 million views, Chris’ most well-known video is The Priceless Gift, his first-ever wood piece ever made for his wife (see link below for the video).

Chris was referred to us by a fellow Instagramer to assist in an Ecopoxy pour for a Game of Thrones themed, hand-carved piece. Using dyed Ecopoxy, Tyler carefully syringed around the detailed dragon. This piece will be a top emblem for a Game of Thrones Chair back that will be auctioned for charity.


Watch - The Priceless Gift - here!

Ambrosia Maple Dining Table


This single slab, Ambrosia Maple Table is headed to its final home next week. At 3.5ft wide x 9ft long, this table seats 10-12 comfortably. Using black Ecopoxy, the cracks & voids were filled. Pure Rubiomonocat was used to finish. A quick trip to the Powdercoater on Monday to pick up the finished base and this table will be ready to go home! 

Upcoming Events:


- DIY Classes -

Location: Woodcraft Columbus
Date: Saturday April 7, 2018
Time: 9AM-5PM

Naturally, wood expands and contracts over time and due to weather changes. In this class, Treg Sherman will teach you how to build your own live edge piece while allowing for the natural movement. Using a router jig, you'll flatten your live edge Ash slab, sand to 180grit and attach the steel trapezoid legs. This piece can then be taken home to apply finish & use for a coffee table or entry way bench. 

Location: Woodcraft Columbus
Date: Monday April 9, 2018
Time: 6PM-9PM

During the sawing process, live edge wood is more likely to result in cracks or splits. Inlaying bow-ties helps to stablilize these cracks or voids in the wood while adding design appeal to the finished piece. Learn the exact bowtie process - without using a jig or template - in Tyler Hillyard's upcoming class at Woodcraft Columbus. 

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Wood News:


Tiled Tree: Tahoma, California

In search of a castle, our Marketing Manager, Lauren Ruddy, and friends Nate Trimble & Tori Springer hiked the Vikingsholm Trail in California when they spotted this concrete tiled wall, up this gigantic tree. After feedback from Columbus arborist Jacob Sauer, tiling is a method that used to be recommended by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) for cavity repairs. We now know that filling cavities traps moisture in with decaying wood, thus causing more problems down the road.

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