Urbn Timber Newsletter: 02.19.2017



Thank you to all who came to see us at the Columbus Woodworking Show and Slab Sunday open house. We had a large turnout at both events and truly appreciate your support and excitement for our business. 


The 'Click'ory

The 'Click'ory table is a project we just wrapped up for our good friend, Nicholas "Click" Reichard. Nick is a photographer based in Columbus, Ohio; specializing in nature and adventure. He was featured by Outside Online as one of the best 6 photographers hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. 

This hickory live edge piece will soon become the center standing table for NIck's studio. The hickory slab is accented with osage orange bow-ties and held by a 3.00" steel base welded by Josh Willford. Before its final home, it's making a guest appearance at the J.S.Brown & Co. booth at the Dispatch Home and Garden Show in Columbus, now through February 26th.


If you like to travel and adventure, check out Nick's instagram!

The Hilton Downtown Columbus

The Hilton Downtown Columbus project consisted of live edge black walnut media stand, coffee table and 2 end tables. We hope the Hilton employees enjoy the new additions to their break room!


Local News: 


The Ohio State University - Thompson Library

Exhibit Dates: 
February 1-May 14, 2017

Exhibit Times: 
Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM
Saturday-Sunday 12PM-6PM

Exhibit Location:
Thompson Library Gallery
1858 Neil Avenue Mall
Columbus, Ohio

Recently featured by NBC4 was The Ohio State University's Thompson Library which is celebrating its 10th anniversary of the library's $108.7 million dollar renovation project. In honor of the anniversary, Thompson Library Gallery's is currently exhibiting "Building Ohio State: From Forest to Renovation of Thompson Library" which shares the story of the renovation process, Ohio's timber resources, highlights sustainable forest management and its continuing role in the state of Ohio.  

Every piece of wood in Thompson Library, from the paneled walls to the oak wood desks, were sustain ably harvested in 2008 in Zaleski State Forest. Each log was nearing 180 years old at the time it was cut. The inspiration behind utilizing locally & sustain ably sourced trees in the renovation came from Adam Conway, Vice President of the Ohio Forestry Association and curator of the exhibit, who discovered a 324 year old oak tree than had fallen in Zaleski State Forest after a 2004 ice storm.  A cross section from this tree is part of the exhibit to serve as the inspiration behind the wooden design of Thompson Library.

As Conway mentioned, "Wood is warmth. Wood is strength. Wood is character. Wood is renewable and your creations are better for it."

Check out the exhibit at The Ohio State University now through May 14th!

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