Urbn Timber Newsletter: 02.17.18


Joseph Tree Service - Sycamore Conference Table

We've been in full arts & crafts mode - tracing, carving, coloring - working on a new Conference Table for Joseph Tree Service. With the help from Chad Davis, these logo templates were created using a CNC that Tyler then used to route the logo into this bookmatched Sycamore top. Using dyed Ecopoxy, we carefully colored the logo and let it harden. After some heavy sanding, this vibrant table was finished with Pure Rubiomonocoat and couldn't be happier with the way it turned out!


NOW OPEN: Home Bar


Using two slabs from the same Walnut tree, Tyler formed this 3 piece, live edge Walnut bar top, that was recently installed in the Sneth's home in Dublin, OH. Since the miters were not made with its direct cutoff, the corner edges were shaped together with the help of Arbortech's TurboPlane. There were very tight tolerances on the coverage of this bar top with natural edges all around, that made it a challenging piece to create. We'll take one of those draft beers please! 


Upcoming Events:

Woodcraft DIY Classes


Inlaying a "Bowtie/Dutchman" Class

Sunday Feb 25, 2018
Woodcraft Columbus

During the sawing process, live edge wood is more likely to result in cracks or splits. Inlaying bow-ties helps to stabilize these cracks or voids in the wood while adding design appeal to the finished piece. In this class, Tyler Hillyard will teach you how to inlay a bow-tie into a board, without using a jig or template. 

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Catch Treg Sherman & Ryan Wynne at the The Woodworking Shows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin March 9th - 11th. They'll be demoing tools in the Arbortech Booth. 

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Wood News:

Wendell Castle - an American Designer/Craftsman 

Wendell Castle, an iconic maker in the woodworking industry, has recently died at the age of 85. He was known for challenging the traditional boundaries of functional furniture by creating wood pieces that were whimsical shaped, yet functional pieces of art. 

"His work, especially the earlier pieces, which brought freeform sculpture and furniture together in one medium, influenced more than one generation of woodworkers and furniture designers," said Woodworking Network editor Will Sampson." Castle's pieces can be found in 50 museums worldwide.

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