Slaburday Open House: 04.20.2019


Spring Edition: Slaburday Open House

Saturday April 20th

Urbn Timber Shop
29 Kingston Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43207


The kiln will be freshly unloaded with new inventory of live edge Ash, Red Oak and Sawtooth Oak - ranging from 7ft to 9ft long and up to 60"W.  Additional species we have in stock are Walnut, Cherry, Maple, White Oak and Sycamore.

As a big THANK YOU to our awesome customers for the support of our small business over the past two years, we will be giving away a *FREE* Live Edge Ambrosia Maple Coffee Table/Bench (21"W x 44"L x 18"H) with flat bar, steel bases. While we love our online community, all registrations for the *GIVEAWAY* must be in person on Slaburday April 28th. (You do not have to stay the entire time in order to win - we will be picking the winner at 3:30PM). 

We invite you to visit our wood-shop, check out some historic slabs, grab a bite to eat and enter the drawing for the giveaway! Stay tuned - exciting things are happening to the Urbn Team & you'll here it first at our open house. 

See you there,

Tyler, Tyler and Treg


Live Edge Ambrosia Maple Coffee Table/Bench
21"W x 44"L x 18"H with flat bar steel bases

Historic Slabs from Underground Railroad Site


The 200 year old Sawtooth Oak that will soon be available was removed by Joseph Tree Service at The Abraham Depp Freedom Station - a former Underground Railroad site just northwest of Columbus. The tree was standing during the operation of the Underground Railroad but just recently removed in the fall of 2016. It was no longer able to sustain good health after being struck by lightning a few years ago. We are stoked these historic slabs are finally dried & ready to preserve for generations to come.

Live Edge Elm Wine Rack


Backed by a L-shaped steel frame welded by Josh Willford, this 20"W x 7' tall Live Edge Elm slab was created to hold 18 bottles of wine. This slab came from our customer's backyard Elm tree that was removed due to poor health. The tree has been re-purposed as wood decor in Kassia & Mandy's home remodel including a kitchen island top, outdoor bar top & table, wall hanging piece, bathroom vanity, shelving, mantle and wine rack. We have enjoyed working with the character in 'The Backyard Tree' over the past year and are finally ready to cheers to the last piece completed (rightfully so).  

Upcoming Events:

- DIY Classes -

Location: Woodcraft Columbus
Date: Saturday May 5, 2018
Time: 9AM-5PM


Naturally, wood expands and contracts over time and due to weather changes. In this class, Treg Sherman will teach you how to build your own live edge piece while allowing for the natural movement. Using a router jig, you'll flatten your live edge Ash slab, sand to 180grit and attach the steel trapezoid legs. This piece can then be taken home to apply finish & use for a coffee table or entry way bench. 

Location: Woodcraft Columbus
Date: Sunday May 6, 2018
Time: 6PM-9PM


During the sawing process, live edge wood is more likely to result in cracks or splits. Inlaying bow-ties helps to stablilize these cracks or voids in the wood while adding design appeal to the finished piece. Learn the exact bowtie process - without using a jig or template - in Tyler Hillyard's upcoming class at Woodcraft Columbus. 

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Wood News:

Glowing Trees? 


MIT Researchers recently unveiled a project where they inserted the enzyme that makes firefiles glow into a watercress plant. The result left the plant with a dim glow for about 4 hours. The current goal is to create a functional reading lamp through glowing plants with the light powered by the plant's metabolism. "Because they produce their own energy, plants-as-lights would presumably be more energy efficient than even LED lights." The large scale vision would be to create glowing outdoor plants, even trees. "A tree-lined street could be converted into a row of light-emitting structures that would replace street lamps. Think of how an urban streetscape such as the Short North would be aesthetically altered were electric streetlights replaced by glowing trees." What are your thoughts on glowing trees?

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