Live Edge

Live Edge Columbus, OH

Bring your Furniture to Life with Live Edge Wood

Live Edge Columbus, OHWhat’s more natural-looking than a table or bench that still shows a tree’s natural shape? The distinct style and flow of live edge wood slabs create a look unlike that of regular woodwork. Live edge wood is easily identifiable, with its unique character engrained in every piece.

The personality of a live edge wood slab can vary depending on the type of wood, profile of the cut and what is being created out of it. The imperfections found in each piece tell a story about that tree’s life, which means no two cuts are the same. Our live edge wood slabs are the perfect addition to your next project, turning any ordinary furniture into a statement piece.

Handcrafted Work Built to Last

Live edge wood is a cool way to bring nature into someone’s home with handmade furniture. Some of the most common uses for live edge wood slabs are:

  • Coffee tables: Whether it’s round like a horizontal slice of the tree or a freeform vertical cut, a live edge wood coffee table will stand out in any living room.
  • Benches: Because of their natural durability, these slabs make excellent benches.
  • Bar tops: Give a bar or countertop a classic feel by incorporating live edge wood into someone’s home.
  • Dining tables: Ornate and elaborate, live edge dining tables are pieces that will be passed down from generation to generation.
  • Shelves/Mantles: Draw attention to a usually simple piece of furniture by adding that live edge detailing.
  • Desks: Inspire others to get their best work done with a seriously sophisticated live edge desk.

Sustainability is in Our Nature

We locally source all of our wood from Columbus, Ohio, to produce beautiful, handcrafted designs. Logs that otherwise would have been left for waste are recycled into sustainable live edge wood slabs, returning as furniture or artwork back into the community from which they came.

Like us, the local artists we work with appreciate the sense of nostalgia held in each live edge wood slab. We take these trees that have lived in our backyard for decades—sometimes over 100 years—and give them a new life. Our goal is to start the process of creating something that will last for another 100 years, as a beloved piece of family history. We want to ensure that through the creation of live edge products, nature’s legacy never dies.

Whatever you decide to make, Urbn Timber’s live edge wood slabs will transform your creation into an inspirational work of craftsmanship.


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